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Foundation Waterproofing By Moe has been serving the Niagara Region since 1998 providing exceptional quality, value and service to their customers.

Moe Beaudoin is the owner operator based in Pelham Ontario. Moe started his business in his early 20’s with a snowmobile trailer a shovel and pure Moe-tavation!

Prior to starting Foundation Waterproofing by Moe, Moe worked for a waterproofing company during his high school and college years. Moe went to Mohawk College for Mechanical Engineering and later earned an apprenticeship for printing working for the St. Catharines Standard and the Welland Tribune. While working full time to support his family, Moe spent his evenings and weekends working jobs to grow his business in basement waterproofing.

During Moe’s earlier years in business he found himself doing all kinds of renovations from kitchens and bathrooms to any type of home renovation required. It didn’t take long before people started to notice Moe’s quality of work and he could specialize in doing what he sought out to do, basement waterproofing.

Today Moe has built the business up to include 5 employees and owns all the proper equipment needed to do jobs quickly and efficiently. Moe offers a wide range of services from basement waterproofing, sewers and waterlines to backyard landscaping and interlocking brick patios. He does it all!

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