After your basement has been waterproofed and natural settling of the excavated area has occurred we can bring your property back to its originally state or better. We offer interlocking brick driveways, walkways and patios, decks and fencing, retaining walls & garden walls, yard grading and drainage solutions along with a newly sodded yard.


To calculate the amount of sod we need for your project, we first divide the project area into squares and rectangles. Multiply length and width of those areas then add them up together for the total amount of sod needed for your project.

Installation process:

  1. We remove all existing grass, weeds, rocks, roots, and debris in the project area.

  2. Clean fill can be brought in to raise grade in extremely low areas prior to adding top soil.

  3. We then add at least 2-4” of good top soil and rake out to a smooth even surface.

  4. Grade the entire area to eliminate any drainage problems on the project site. You want to slope away from your building foundation and fill in low lying areas where water might pool. In some cases drainage tile can be installed.

  5. The area is now ready for sod!

  6. You will be responsible to water the newly installed sod. The sod must be saturated through its entire thickness and the soil underneath must be moist to a depth of 1”. Lift a corner of the sod to check. Water must be applied evenly throughout the entire area including corners and along all edges.

  7. Your new lawn must be kept moist, but not saturated, for a period of two weeks.

  8. Avoid excessive use of the new lawn for several weeks to allow the sod to establish a good root system.

  9. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new gorgeous weed free lawn.

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